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Blooming Bellies


Divine Organics offers a unique range of products especially formaulted for those with child.

During pregnancy one needs to take caution with essential oils so we have developed a range of TLC products including B ody butters and Massge wax with avocado oil for easy absorption into the deep tissue. great for preventing and treating scars and stretchmarks.

After the first trimester it is safe to use our Blooming Belly Rub - an avocado oil base with essential oils such as mandarin and frankinsence to cure minor ailments of pregancy (headaches, nausea, fatigue). 

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  • "Alyssa is an amazing woman with an immense passion and natural gift of healing; her gentle spirit is to be found in every product she makes by hand with the greatest of universa..."
    Kate Southall
    Absolutely delighted Aromatherapist & Healer
  • "I am currently trialing the new Healing lotion soon to be released and as someone who intermittently suffers from eczema as I am sensitive to weather changes, water, detergents ..."
    Karin Humblestone
    Hypnotherapist and Reiki Healer